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IPTV Set-Top Box VIP1113HD IR

HDMI, MPEG-4 (H.264), IR RCU

Varenr: ARR594208-003-00
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Arris VIP1113 HD IP-STB
(inkl MPEG2 og MPEG4 lisens)
Leveres med RX IR fjernkontroll
Product Overview
The innovative VIP1113 broadens Motorola’s IPTV client portfolio. The VIP1113 is a feature-rich yet compact settop
box that users can place behind their TV sets or in a concealed location, while still enjoying high-quality IPTV services such as high-definition broadcast TV,
timeshift, on-demand and interactive applications, as well as OTT services. The VIP113’s compact design minimizes energy consumption, keeping costs down and reducing its impact on the environment.

Powered by the KreaTV operating system
VIP1113 is powered by the Motorola KreaTV operating system, which integrates with leading VOD, middleware, and
Conditional Access (CA) systems. KreaTV provides open, well-defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for application development and customization. The KreaTV Software Developer’s Kits (SDKs) offer operators, as well as third-party integrators, a fast track to high-quality, revenue-generating digital TV offerings and value-added social media services.
Features and Benefits
• Compact HD IP set-top box
• Innovative, sleek design
• Cost-effective, environmental-friendly
• Wall-mountable
• IR Remote
• Micro SD card reader for local timeshift functionality
• Powered by the KreaTV operating system for openness, flexibility, and smooth systems integration
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