Inverto Wideband LNBF LO 10,40GHz

Unicable II kompatibel for multiswitcher

Varenr: INV5277
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Pro Wideband LNB for bruk i mot multiswitcher (dCSS typer).

Horisontal og vertikal utganger, LO 10,40 GHz
Specifically designed to meet the increasing demand of DTH operators for lower cost MDU and Multi-tuner Home Gateway installations, this professional LNB is based on a single 10.40 GHz local oscillator delivering outstanding RF performance over the entire frequency range (L-band) over two output ports (vertical and horizontal) combined with a greater immunity against terrestrial/4G inter-ferences.
Manufactured to the highest industry quality standards and designed to meet strict specifications, this LNB is an ideal solution for a cost-effective reception of one satellite and its distribution to multi-tuner home gateways or to compatible Unicable II™ (dCSS) wideband multiswitches.

Main Features:
Low Phase Noise, DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant
Low Noise Figure
Low power consumption
High Cross Polarization Isolation
High Frequency stability
Greater immunity against 4G interferences

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