Planet media Converter 10/100 - 2p SFP

TP 10/100 - 2p 100Base SFP

Varenr: FT-1205A
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The PLANET FT-1205A is a 3-Port Redundant Media Converter which supports conversion between 10 / 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX network. The difference with the other one-port channel media converter is the Redundant Media Converter. It is designed for critical networks that require fibers or copper links to automatically recover less than 10ms, such as ISPs, telecom, hospitals, banks and enterprises.
Via the built-in DIP-switches, the converter can be configured as 3-Port Ethernet switch or 2-Port Redundant media converter. With the 3-Port Switch mode, it can operate Store-and-Forward mechanism with high performance, and it can also prevent packet loss via IEEE 802.3x Flow Control (Full-Duplex) and Back Pressure (Half-Duplex).
With the 2-Port redundant Mode, it provides less than 10ms redundancy of link for highly critical Ethernet applications. The redundant-mode supports auto-recover function. If the destination port of a packet is link down, it forwards the packet to the other port of the backup pair.
The SFP slot supports single-mode, multi-mode and WDM small-form factory type transceiver modules for various applications. The FT-1205A is with high reliability and flexibility to extend the distance up to 2km, 20km or longer. It depends on the 100Base-FX SFP transceiver modules, the Ethernet signal that allows two type segments connect easily, efficiently and inexpensively.
The converters can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a slide-in module to the PLANET Media Converter Chassis, MC-700, MC-1000R and MC-1500. As the other PLAENT FT-Series media converters, they're hot swappable in MC-Chassis.
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Planet SFP 100B-FX - SFP MM LC 2km (0~50) (1310nm)
Planet SFP 100B-FX - SFP MM LC 2km (0~50) (1310nm)
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