Transceiver 10-Base-T - 10-Base5 AUI/TP

UTP RJ-45 - 100m - AUI - DB-15 male 50 m

Varenr: E-TBT-MC05
BeskrivelseTeknisk infoSupport
Provides a complete interface of the AUI to Ethernet UTP cable.
Supports data transfer rate of 10Mbps
CSMA/CD access mechanism
Capable of driving the UTP cable segment up to 100 meters (328 ft.) without the use of a repeater.
Selectable Link test and SQE test functions
AUI locking post design allows the E-TBT-MC04 to directly attach to a host’s AUI connector
Can be used with or without an AUI cable
LED indicators for network monitoring and diagnosing
The RJ-45 port will automatically detect and reverse the polarity on the receive pair if needed.
Standards IEEE Std. 802.3™ 10BASE-T
Status LEDs COL: Blinks when detecting collisions
STAT: Solid Green: UTP Link established;
Blinks Green: No UTP Link;
4-Blink Pattern: Polarity reversal detected on UTP cable
TX: Blinks when transmitting data on the RJ-45
RX: Blinks when receiving data on the RJ-45
Switches SW1: SQE Test: Up is enabled
SW2: Link Test: Up is enabled
SW3: Half or Full-Duplex: Up is for Half, Down is for Full
Dimensions Width: 3.1" [79 mm]
Depth: 0.8" [20 mm]
Height: 1.7" [43 mm]
Power No external power required
Input Voltage 10.2 to 15.75 VDC
Input Current 250mA@12VDC
Environment 0 – 50°C, 5% – 95% humidity non-condensing, 0 – 10,000 ft. altitude
Shipping Weight 1 lb. [0.45 kg]
Compliance FCC & CISPR Class A, CE Mark
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