CommScope Kabel 50 Ohm 1/4 ", LDF1RK-50

HELIAX 0H Kappe, Korrugert kobber skjerm

Varenr: CSWLDF1RK-50
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CommScope 50 ohm HELIAX® kabel for kommunikasjonsystemer

LDF1RK-50, HELIAX® Low Density Foam Coaxial Cable

Korrugert kobber, 1/4 " type, sort halogenfri kappe. B2ca s1a dO a1 kompatibel.

CommScope offers the most widely deployed RF cable in the industry. Our brand names represent the most complete, cost-effective, high-performance coaxial cables in the world. For decades, we have led the industry with HELIAX® and RADIAX® for semi-flexible RF transmission lines in land, mobile, broadcast, cellular, PCS, military, terrestrial microwave, HF, earth station and personal communication, as well as many other applications.

In addition, our super-flexible CNT® braided cable solutions deliver a robust, low-loss RF connectivity for wireless deployment and microwave backhaul applications. Constructed from the highest quality materials, these tough, high-performance braided cable solutions remain strong and flexible through every installation, twist and turn.

  • Designed to meet future demands
  • Industry-leading and field-proven designs


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