ATX DVIS HDMI enkodermodul 1 kanal

MPEG-2HD/H.264 HD, type DV1HDMI

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MPEG-2 / H.264 SD / HD Compact Multichannel Encoder/Multiplexer (DigiVu Mini) - IP Output

• Compact and flexible audio/video encoding solution for digital transmission and/or insertion applications
• A cost-effective and space-efficient encoding, multiplexing and transmission platform ideal for digital simulcast applications or digital delivery of PEG or hub site specific programming
• Scalable 1RU (19” rack mount) solution: up to 4 SD (or 2 HD) A/V programs can be directly encoded/multiplexed with IP output
• Hot-pluggable 1-channel and 2-channel encoder cards available for easy upgrade and unit configuration
• Possibility of mixing HD and SD encoder cards within same chassis • Hot-pluggable IP output card (copper/SFP optical)
• Plug-in cards are externally accessible and easily replaceable; no need to open or remove unit from rack • Fully integrated system components
• Front accessible and replaceable fans with inline fan connector
• HTTP-based GUI allows for easy set-up and control without the need for proprietary software installation
• Remote access and SNMP monitoring available via integrated RJ45 Ethernet interface
• Includes the following operational modes (set through GUI): IP output only, IP+QAM output simultaneously, and QAM output only (please see appropriate data sheet for IP/QAM specs)

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