CommScope kabel CNT-600-FR ZH polyolefin Braided Wireless Broadband 50 Ohm kabel

CommScope kabel CNT-600-FR ZH polyolefin

Braided Wireless Broadband 50 Ohm kabel

Varenr: CNT-600-FR-500M
CommScope CNT Braided Cables
Connecting New Technologies!
CNT is the new high-performance, 50 Ohm braided cable solution from Andrew Solutions.Universally applicable to all technologies, CNT braided cables are essential to any new, emerging network applications that require low loss, flexible RF cables. New technologies such as LTE and WiMax are demanding more bandwidth and more capacity than ever before. With CNT, your network will be wired and ready for whatever the next evolution may bring.
Expect More from Your Braided Cable. Get More from Andrew.
Andrew CNT braided cables are designed to provide excellent electrical and mechanical performance, with the highest quality materials, to ensure they satisfy your application, indoors or outdoors. CNT is the cable of choice for microwave backhaul applications, providing a reliable, low cost connection between the IDU and ODU. Wherever you need a superflexible, low loss, high-performance 50 Ohm RF cable solution, CNT is the answer. CNT is compatible with industry standard connectors, tools, and installation accessories.
CNT-600-FR, CNT® 50 Ohm Braided Coaxial Cable, black non-halogenated, fire retardant polyolefin jacket
Construction Materials
Jacket Color Black
Jacket Material Non-halogenated, fire retardant polyolefin
Braid Material Tinned copper
Corrosion Protection Flooding compound
Shield Tape Material Aluminum
Dielectric Material Foam PE
Inner Conductor Material Copper-clad aluminum wire
Cable Weight 0.13 kg/m
Diameter Over Dielectric 11.560 mm
Diameter Over Jacket 14.990 mm
Inner Conductor OD 4.4700 mm
Nominal Size 0.600 in
Outer Conductor OD 12.500 mm
Electrical Specifications
Cable Impedance 50 ohm
Capacitance 76.0 pF/m
dc Resistance, Inner Conductor 1.740 ohms/km
dc Resistance, Outer Conductor 3.940 ohms/km
dc Test Voltage 4600 V
Jacket Spark Test Voltage (rms) 8000 V
Maximum Frequency 10.20 GHz
Operating Frequency Band 30 – 6000 MHz
Peak Power 40.0 kW
Shielding Effectiveness >90 dB
Velocity 87%
Environmental Specifications
Installation Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Storage Temperature -70 °C to +85 °C
General Specifications
Cable Type CNT-600
Braid Coverage 90% braid
Brand CNT®
Packaging Type Reel
Mechanical Specifications
Bending Moment 3.7 N-m
Flat Plate Crush Strength 1.1 kg/mm
Minimum Bend Radius, Single Bend 38.10 mm
Tensile Strength 159 kg