Triarca Orion 19" skinner for 136/138

19" ETSI maks. belasting 200 kg.

Varenr: 255728
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Triarca Orion (CCO) klimaskap
Climate Cabinet Type Orion
The CCO cabinet provides total climate control and guaranties a dry, dust-free environment with a stable and condense-free operating temperature inside the cabinet.
IP 55 and IP 65 classified depending on the cable glands.
Fulfil both 19” and ETSI standard Total climate control and a dry, dust-free environment.
43 W/K at 40 dB(A) – with the combination of a low noise heat exchanger.
Cooling possibilities
Natural ventilation - Chimney effect 15 W/K
Forced cooling - Fan
Forced cooling - Heat exchanger up to 70 W/K
Forced cooling - A/C
Modular design
Available in several sizes
Can be mounted side by side according to the required width
Can be configured with various cooling, heating and control devices
Unique solution with fan mounted in the top to optimize the chimney effect
Various accessories available:
Double walled with or without insulation
Various heating possibilities
Cabinet surveillance possibilities
Access control
Vibration alarm
Doors in the front and/or back
Certified according to
Dust and water test: IEC 60529 / EN 60529
Type 12 (UL) / equipment under operation: UL 50
Climate test: DIN EN 14511
Sound power test: ETS 300 753 / ISO 7779 EN ISO 3741, 3744, 3746
Transportation test/shock and vibration ETS 300019-1-2 class 2.3: ASTM-D 4169, DIN EN 60335 - 2 - 40
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Produsent Triarca

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