Diplexfilter SiCS-65 F-type Signia DKT

F hun tilkoblinger, 5-65/85-1006MHz

Varenr: DKT48930
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Diplex filter F style, 5-65 / 85-1006 MHz

Product information
The Signia combiner/splitter is a special filter made from the same concept of Signia distribution passives
of taps and splitters, meaning a reliable performance and superb specifications that optimizes network
design options and efficiency.
A lightweight design allows easy handling. Mounting spacers that are easily snapped on and off provide a
choice for spacing underneath the unit, thereby allowing a more flexible installation. There is easy access
to F-connectors, which are mounted on the same side. A unique construction of the female F-connector
ensures secure connection to the inner conductor of the male connector, and furthermore, the alloy
ensures minimal corrosion. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of signal dropout and the subsequent
need for network troubleshooting.
The port number, frequency range and all connectors are clearly marked with rugged labels.

Connectors: Brass milled, nickel tin plated, F-Female (ANSI/SCTE 01 2006)
Voltage blocking: > 2 kV
Passive IM: > 125 dB, two carriers 50 and 55 MHz at 120 dBµV
Dimensions: 65 x 50 x 16 mm
Weight: 86 g

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